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The "veteran" of our pipe spinners, the SPINNERHAWK delivers more torque without slipping. A fast, safe and efficient method to spin up and spin out drillpipe, reducing costly and dangerous accidents associated with the use of spinner chains. The unique chain gripping system engages 85% of the pipe circumference, providing positive grip that eliminates pipe scoring. Available in hydraulic and pneumatic models to handle a variety of pipe sizes.


Provides quick and accurate leak detection for pipes and pipe joints with low rig-up time. First developed in the 1960's, the external method of testing provided for more rigorous testing abilities than standard internal testing. Features quick testing cycles, extreme sensitivity that is unaffected by internal scale, and won't damage internal pipe coatings.

Other Products

Pneumatic Post Drivers

A portable post driver available in models that will drive any shape post up to 3 1/2" in diameter through most common surfaces and any soil density, in just seconds. Hundreds of these units have been in operation since 1973, saving time and money for contractors and municipalities.

Available Models