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T-Wrex Senior

Iron Roughneck, Power Tong Hydraulic Tong

Ideally suited to the harsh environments of off-shore drilling, as well as large scale land-based application, the T-WREX is an efficient system that can significantly reduce your trip time.

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T-Wrex Junior

Iron Roughneck, Power Tong Hydraulic Tong

The T-WREX Make-up/Break-out System provides all the proven performance, reliability, and safety features of our HAWKJAW in a pedestal mounted configuration for remote operation.

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Hawkjaw Senior and Junior

Power Tong, Hydraulic Tong Iron Roughneck

The HAWKJAW Power Tong was the industry’s first fully integrated Drill Pipe Make/Break Machine. With its proven spinning wrench and patented torque wrench, it remains a favorite of drillers and floor hands alike due to its speed, ease of operation, and inherent safety.

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Spinning Wrench, Drill Pipe Spinner

SPINMASTER, one of the fastest, safest, most efficient drill pipe spinners on the market today. Available in pneumatic or hydraulic models in two sizes.

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The “Veteran” of our pipe spinners, the SPINNERHAWK

Spinnerhawk has different models available to handle every pipe size from 2 7/8” tp 10 1/2 “ diameter including non-standard diameters or out of round pipe.

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A New Generation of Oil Specialty Products

We manufacture drilling tools for the oil and gas industry. Period. For 65 years now. We focus on a select group of customers, each a significant portion of our business. So when we say your total satisfaction with our product, our service and our responsiveness is important to us, you know it’s true. Hawk designs, manufactures and services 100% of the equipment we sell. From our agents, distributors, and from our original location in California, we stock parts for every model we’ve ever sold, ready for immediate shipment anywhere in the world.

Practicality. Dependability. Cost-effective pricing. Lifetime support. Hawk Industries. The obvious choice.

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