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The HAWKJAW Power Tong was the industry’s first fully integrated Drill Pipe Make/Break Machine. With its proven spinning wrench and patented torque wrench, it remains a favorite of drillers and floor hands alike due to its speed, ease of operation, and inherent safety. Its modular construction provides for easy maintenance and servicing, while the compact design allows it to fit on virtually any rig floor. With a single support cable and a back-up line, the unit is quick to rig up and operate.

  • Faster and safer than using manual rig tongs
  • Powered height adjustment
  • Precise make-up torque is set with the built-in Torque Regulator
  • Includes a low torque Warning System to prevent under-torqued connections
  • Intuitive, push-button controls for ease of operation
  • Available with Long Hanger (Jr. model only) for kelly drilling applications
  • Self-energizing torque wrench always grips with a force “proportional” to the torque

Hawk Torque Wrenches utilize our Patented Self-Energizing Technology. This design ensures a better grip using less force. One pipe wrench is used for the break-out function and another is used for the make-up function. This method avoids ovaling the pin-box or pipe-joint connection during make-up and break-out of the drillpipe.

  • No ovaling of pipe
  • Takes only 1.5 bites during make-up
  • Fast make-up in only 12 seconds
  • Adjusts force proportionately to various pipe sizes
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