T-Wrex Junior

T-WREX, Iron Roughneck,Power Tong, Hydraulic Tong

The T-WREX Make-up/Break-out System provides all the proven performance, reliability, and safety features of our HAWKJAW in a pedestal mounted configuration for remote operation. Ideally suited to the harsh environments of off-shore drilling, as well as large scale land-based applications, the T-WREX is an efficient system that can significantly reduce your trip time. Two models are available to fit your field needs.

  • Up to 40% improvement in trip time
  • Operated by remote console
  • Increased safety and reliability
  • Preset torque regulator ensures proper make-up of each joint
  • Low torque warning system prevents under-torqued connections
  • Spins and torques in under 15 seconds in most applications
  • Infinite pipe size adjustability within working range of tool
  • No jaw/die changes required for different pipe sizes
  • Hydraulic rotation from mouse hole to rotary
  • Tilt adjustment for mouse hole operations

  • Coring Running/Pulling
  • Casing Milling/Cutting
  • Tripping Drill String
  • Workover Trips
  • Sidetrack/Re-entries

  • Drill string components during idle time
  • Initial and additional pickup/laydown of drill string
  • Logging operations
  • Cementing operations

Hawk Torque Wrenches utilize our Patented Self-Energizing Technology. This design ensures a better grip using less force. One pipe wrench is used for the break-out function and another is used for the make-up function. This method avoids ovaling the pin-box or pipe-joint connection during make-up and break-out of the drillpipe.

  • No ovaling of pipe
  • Takes only 1.5 bites during make-up
  • Fast make-up in only 12 seconds
  • Adjusts force proportionately to various pipe sizes
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T-WREX Jr. Extend-Retract v1

T-WREX Jr. Extend-Retract v2

T-WREX Jr. Make Break v1

T-WREX Jr. Make Break v2

T-WREX Jr. Raise-Lower

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